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The Project was to develop an email-by-phone system, using which users can  check their email from any available phone. Users who might not have immediate access to web or are out of  their office can use the system to get access to their email. The users can use the PSTN network to access their Microsoft Exchange Server mail account. The user authenticates itself by entering login and password through touchtone keypad on the phone set. The Ascii text in their email messages is converted into audio speech and played out on the phone. The system is developed on Windows 2000 using Visual C++ 6.0. The services of Microsoft Telephony API (TAPI), Speech API (SAPI) and Mail API (MAPI) are also used.
NoteMaker for Windows CE
NoteMaker is a Text Editor application for Windows CE based devices. It enables the user to create and save new text files. Users can open already existing files and save them to a different file name. It provides the ability to cut, copy and paste text in the text files. The text files can also be printed with NoteMaker.
 CommDB Editor for EPOC OS ( Symbian )
Developed an EIKON application that provides Graphical User Interface to EPOC communications database. The database holds information about Internet Service Providers (ISPs), modems, locations, charge-cards and communications related timeouts. Using the application, user can view, add, modify and delete table records.  Testing was done using EPOC Emulator available with EPOC Release 5 C++ SDK.
WAP Exchange Client
This assignment involved development of a WAP Service that facilitates a WAP Enabled mobile device to access e-mail messages, contacts and scheduling information from MS Exchange server. The project involves development of a dynamic link library that communicates with the Exchange Server using Collaboration Data Objects. CDO library is a collection of COM objects that encapsulate the client side access to MAPI. The DLL implements Java Native Interfaces that Java Servlets call. The Java Servlets interact with the DLL to retrieve various data entities from MS Exchange server and generate appropriate WML content. The DLL is implemented in Visual C++ 6.0 using CDO 1.2 library. Java Servlet is developed using JDK 1.2.
Palm Dialer 
The project involved development of a suite comprising a Dialer application for Palm device, a desktop application and a conduit for synchronizing data between the Palm and the desktop.
1. Dialer application : The users of Palm device are able to establish a connection using a particular location (Country, State, City, Area Code) and a dial-up number. The information such as phone numbers required for dialing to Point of Presence ( POP ) are maintained in a Palm database (PDB).
2. The Desktop application provides the following features:
  • Software Update : This option allows users to download a software update.
  • Phonebook Update : This option allows users to download a phonebook update.

  • Selection of POPs/Synchronize : This option allows users to select information for POP (Point Of Presence ) locations and synchronize with the dialer application.

3. Conduit : The palm database can be updated by use of a conduit program during Hotsync process.

The development tools used were CodeWarrior Lite for Windows and POSE ( Palm OS Emulator ), Visual C++ 6.0 and Conduit development kit 4.0 ( CDK 4.0 ).

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Stack
This assignment involved development of WAP Gateway based on the specifications released by WAP Forum. The target was to develop server side Wireless Session Protocol and its integration with server side Wireless Transaction Protocol already developed by the customer. The Session layer protocol family in the WAP architecture is called the Wireless Session Protocol, WSP. WSP provides the upper-level application layer of WAP with a consistent interface for two session services. The first is a connection-mode service that operates above a transaction layer protocol WTP, and the second is a connectionless service that operates above a secure or non-secure datagram transport service. The language used for implementation was C++ using Visual Studio 6.0 as the integrated development environment. The product was tested using Nokia WAP Client, Motorola ADK 1.1 and WAPMan.
ROCLink For Windows
This assignment involved development of a Process Control Software called ROCLink in Windows. The target was to communicate with ROC (Remote Operations Controller), which is an electronic device connected to the equipments and instruments on the factory floor. The software collects data from the ROC and passes it to various application objects which provides a view to the data and a user interface to manipulate. The product provides communications support using direct connect and dial-up modem. The software also provides functionalities such as Event and Alarm Log Display, Downloading of User Programs and History configuration. The software was developed using Visual C++ with MFC on Windows NT/95.
This assignment involved development of a Process Control Software called WebConverter. The target was to convert image files of a format proprietary to the customer to Java definition files that can be viewed on the WWW using a Web browser. The picture can be animated one that displays a running process in a factory floor.  If viewed on the Internet, the user can get the pictorial view of the factory process from anywhere in the world. The software was developed using Visual C++ with MFC on Windows NT 4.0.
PC2PC ( Academic Project )
PC2PC is a DOS based software that enables communication between two machines using RS-232 communication interface. The users can transfer files from one machine to other, chat with other users and can use the printer remotely.  The implementation language was C.


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